Waukesha, Wisconsin

  • Community name:  Waukesha
  • Website:  http://www.ci.waukesha.wi.us
  • Population:  70,718
  • Graduation rate:  97%
  • Youth poverty rate:  24.6%


Waukesha, a five-time 100 Best winner, provides young people with services that create opportunities for growth and success. Four-year-old children and their families can join 4K Future 4 Waukesha, which is a comprehensive child development program that ensures underserved students have access to a quality education. Another youth development program, the Waukesha Youth Collaborative, gives funding to organizations that focus on youth who struggle academically, and provide skills to help them become responsible. To encourage an appreciation for the arts and to build self-esteem, the Waukesha Community Art Project helps adolescents hone their self-expression, creativity, leadership skills and community involvement with an afterschool art program. Youth and their caregivers can enjoy the Born Learning Trail after school, which helps encourage creativity and learning through an interpretive trail with instructional signs with fun and simple games.

Community Programs

  • Waukesha Youth Collaborative (WYC) comprises 35 organizations that offer a variety of programs to meet youth needs.
  • The 4K Future 4 Waukesha program is a voluntary and comprehensive child development program providing an enrichment opportunity for all four-year-old children and their families.
  • The Waukesha Community Art Project helps adolescents reach their potential by developing their self-expression, creativity, leadership skills, and community involvement through quality after school art experiences. 
  • The Born Learning Trail promotes fun and games and helps parents, caregivers and communities create quality early learning opportunities. This interpretive trail contains signs with instructions for simple games that an adult can play with young children.

Youth Voices

“Through the school community my home tutor (from the public school) let me choose one subject to study on my own, and write a report about it. I chose Quantum Mechanics and Physics. I now know what I would like to major in college.”


“I have great plans, but without my wonderful community, I wouldn’t have a clue.”