West Virginia Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: Charleston Civic Center; Charleston, WV 


Governor and First Lady Manchin facilitated eight regional summits which culminated with a state summit focused on increasing rigor and improving educational outcomes for students. Speakers at the state summit included the Governor and Steven Paine, State Superintendent of Schools. Participants included representatives from the state school board and teams of local delegations from throughout the state. As a result of the summit an action planning team has been formed that will make policy recommendations to the Governor and legislature for consideration in the 2010 session.

Round Table Sessions 

  1. Why do students dropout out of school?
  2. What are the solutions?
  3. Identify recommended best practices

Summit Planning Team:

Governor’s Office

Gayle Manchin First Lady of WV

State Agencies

Clifford Cunningham, West Virginia Partnership to Assure Student Success, [email protected]

Patricia Lally, Department of Maternal and Child Health, [email protected]

Jack Wiseman, West Virginia Partnership to Assure Student Success, [email protected]

Brett Sansom, West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts, [email protected]

Patty McGrew, Director WV Adolescent Health Initiative [email protected]

Young People

Children’s Home Society of West Virginia

Mission West Virginia


Adam Green, Research and Planning Analyst WV Higher Education Policy Commission, [email protected]

Patricia Lucus, Education for Homeless, Attendance, Student Placement WV Department of [email protected]

Ralph Miller, Partnership Program Manager, The Education Alliance, [email protected]

Melanie Purkey, State Department of [email protected]

Patty McGrew, Adolescent Health Initiative, [email protected]

Nonprofit Partners

Pam Dugan, Statewide Director, WV’s Promise, [email protected]

Greg Puckett, CADCA

Patty Ralston, VISTA Leader, Children’s Home Society

State Legislators and other elected officials

Mary Poling, Delegate House Education Chair, [email protected]


West Virginia's Dropout Prevention Action Plan