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    America’s Promise and PBS invite you to join us on Wednesday, September 29 from 12:00-1:00pm ET for a virtual youth-led conversation about the future of the American workplace.

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    How Learning Happens: Lessons Learned from Five Communities

    How do young people learn?
    It’s a simple question with profound implications.
    Find out what youth and adults across the country had to say.

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    New National Data Provide High Schoolers’ Insights

    High school students reflect on a historic school year shaped by remote learning and attention to racial injustice.

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    10 Power of Youth Grant Winners Making a Difference this Summer

    Amidst a year and a half of uncertainty caused by a global pandemic, students experienced a school year unlike any other. What remained unchanged, though, was the drive of these young people to help their communities.

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    Youth Employment Research

    Check out results from our latest quantitative study, exploring how young people are navigating the world of work during this challenging time, how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped their work experiences, the role of racism and discrimination in young people’s career trajectories, and more.

  • Panel

    Diverse Experiences, Shared Power

    A conversation featuring the stories and perspectives of AAPI youth and adult leaders, showcasing the work they’ve been doing to uplift their unique experiences and challenges and make their voices heard.

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    Share how COVID-19 is impacting you.

    America’s Promise Alliance is helping young people (ages 6-25) share their experiences about life during COVID-19. If you’re a young person, share your story about how the pandemic has affected you.

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    New: Chief Executive Officer Announcement

    Join us in welcoming Mike O'Brien as America's Promise's new CEO.

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    Dear Adult Leaders: #ListenToYouth

    The perspectives and experiences of young people can and must inform the decisions of current and newly elected leaders. Check out Dear Adult Leaders: #ListenToYouth—a four-week series of open letters from high school students to decision-makers in their states and communities."

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    New Messaging Tools

    From the way we communicate about learning to the language we use to describe young people—our words tell a story. Check out two new messaging frameworks designed to help the youth-supporting field tell a clearer, more youth-centered story of America’s young people and the learning environments with which they interact.



America’s Promise Alliance is the driving force behind a nationwide movement to improve the lives and futures of America’s youth. By bringing together hundreds of national nonprofits, businesses, community and civic leaders, educators, citizens, and young people, the Alliance does what no single organization can do on its own: catalyze action on a scale that reaches millions of young people.

Our work is rooted in the belief that every young person deserves to succeed and every adult is responsible for making that happen, our campaigns and initiatives align organizations behind a common vision for a better future and bold goals to reach it. Through this alignment, we spark and support collective action across organizations, communities, and individuals to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of young people’s success. These efforts have reached millions of young people.




Every School Healthy logo
A healthy school is one that advances the education and social, emotional, physical, and mental health of all its students. By elevating practices, collaborative solutions, and the voices of people in communities – especially those of young people – the Every School Healthy campaign is aligning the nation toward making healthy schools the norm.
How Learning Happens logo
How Learning Happens is an effort to advance the understanding that learning is social, emotional, and cognitive and to fuel the growing movement to educate children as whole people.
GradNation logo
The GradNation Campaign mobilizes education leaders to a 90 percent high school graduation rate to put more youth on the path to adult success. The campaign supports those working to raise graduation rates by sharing data, best practices, and opportunities to connect and learn from one another.
The YES Project logo
The YES Project is a national initiative launched by America’s Promise Alliance that brings together youth, employers, and a diverse network of stakeholders and advocates working to support and grow our youth workforce — with the goal of ensuring every young person seeking a job, can find a job.

Our Alliance

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National Partners                                    450+ 

National organizations that share our belief that children and youth are a national priority and are committed to working collaboratively to ensure all children have all 5 promises.

State & Community Partners                  250+ 

National organizations that share our belief that children and youth are a national priority and are committed to working collaboratively to ensure all children have all 5 promises.

Individuals                                                17K+

Individual champions committed to the shared goal of increasing the number of children who have access to and are receiving the most fundamental resources, what we call our 5 promises.



  • Promise No.1

    Caring Adults

    Caring adults are the centerpieces of children’s development. They serve as guides, caretakers and advisers, who give positive and productive guidance throughout their development.

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  • Promise No.2

    Safe Places

    To develop intellectually and emotionally, young people need physical and psychological safety at home, at school and in the community. Without such “safe places” – environments that support and encourage inquiry, exploration, and play without fear of harm – children aren’t able to get support, form positive relationships and concentrate on school.

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  • Promise No.3

    A Healthy Start

    Healthy and well-nourished children are more able to develop their minds and bodies as they should, and they are far more capable of concentrating, learning and thriving throughout their school years.

    Learn more
  • Promise No.4

    Effective Education

    Our increasingly knowledge-driven world demands people who have the education and skills to thrive in a competitive marketplace, and to understand the increasingly complex world in which they live. That means that in order to compete and succeed, all young people will need an effective education that prepares them for work and life.

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  • Promise No.5

    Opportunities to Help Others

    Through service to others, young Americans develop the character and competence they need to be helpful, hopeful and civically engaged all their lives, regardless of their own life circumstances.

    Learn more
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